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In April of 2016, Golden Tees Golf Club became co-ed golf. The following men were the first to join our club:

Elliot Bland, Michael Lundy, Derryl James and Stanley Howell.

The Golden Tees was historically one of two all-female golf clubs in the Western States Golf Association.  The Golden Tees was founded in 1974 by Argralia S. Earles, bringing into Western States Golf Association nearly 50 women golfers with many more to follow. 


 J. Cullen Fentress, president of WSGA, appointed her as Assistant to Women Golfers of WSGA in 1968 because she saw the need for more women golfers in our organization and more equitable treatment in the matter of awards for women. 


Argralia S. Earles worked tirelessly on behalf of women in WSGA.  In Southern California, she recruited scores of ladies for clinics and recruited teachers and assistants from member WSGA Clubs.  Argralia was truly dedicated to “women in golf” and her WSGA title was changed to “Aide to Women Golfers”, now known as “Women in Golf.”


The Golden Tees Golf Club is focused on introducing women to the game of golf and supporting their learning experiences; helping women feel comfortable on the golf course, including playing the game of golf, the language of golf and the etiquette and rules of golf; participating in golf tournament play and other activities with member clubs.

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